Promote the development of information technologies by building bridges between entrepreneurs and politicians from Europe and Quebec.

The Europe-Quebec Digital Forum aims to bring together entrepreneurs, parliamentarians and decision-makers in order to discuss the opportunities and limits related to technological progress.

An opportunity to exchange between Europe and Quebec on the needs of the digital sector in terms of resources and regulations.

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  • Digital sovereignty
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cyberattacks and our institutions
  • Online privacy

Digital Sovereignty

How can the state maintain control over its cyberspace?

Artificial Intelligence

Is the A.I. Act sufficient to regulate these algorithms?


How can the state protect its citizens and institutions against cyberattacks?

Online Privacy

Should online data collection be restricted?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning models are used to develop the algorithms used by our favorite services. Is the European regulation to frame these algorithms sufficient to mitigate the risks?

Digital Sovereignty

Governments continue to give contracts for their national digital infrastructures to large American and Chinese companies. How can the state maintain control over its cyberspace and encourage its national champions?

Cyberattacks and our institutions

In cyberspace, businesses and institutions are under daily attack from state actors and criminal organizations. How can the state protect its citizens online against this threat?

Online Privacy

Companies use cookies and algorithms to accumulate information about individuals and build consumer profiles. Where is this data stored and who has access to it?

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